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Website Design Agreement

It is our intent to serve our Clients to the best of our ability. One way we do this is by having a simple, yet clear agreement between 247 Media Houz and the Client.

This WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”) in entered into on {Contract Date} (“Effective Date”) between 247 Media Houz and {Client Name} (the “Client”) located at {Client Physical Address}

These are the terms of our agreement together:

1.Purpose and Authorization.

The Client is engaging 247 Media Houz, for the purpose of developing and/or improving a website to be installed on the Client's web space on a web hosting service's computer. The Client authorizes 247 Media Houz to access this account, and authorizes the web hosting service to provide 247 Media Houz with "write, update, delete and other permission” on the Client's web space.

2.Website Content.

The Client agrees to provide 247 Media Houz ALL content for the website such as text, images, video and sound in an electronic format. All content is to be arranged by each web page as listed in the Section 10 “Estimated Costs”. Client understands that 247 Media Houz may choose not begin to customize the website until all content is received. If the Client does not supply 247 Media Houz complete text and graphics content for all web pages contracted for by the Completion Date as listed in Section 13 of the Agreement, the entire amount of the Agreement becomes due and payable.

3.Designated Client Representative.

To ensure effective communication and an efficient design process between the Client and 247 Media Houz, the Client agrees to designate a single representative to work directly with 247 Media Houz. The representative will ensure ALL content has reached final approval within their organization before submitting the finalized content to 247 Media Houz.
Designated Client Representative Information
Name: {Client Representative Name}
Phone: {Client Representative Phone}
Email: {Client Representative Email}
Changes made to content that has already been submitted by the representative will result in additional charges at a minimum rate of R350 per hour.

4.Web Hosting.

The Client understands that any web hosting services require a separate contract with a web hosting service. The Client agrees to select a web hosting service which allows 247 Media Houz full access to the website. The Client Understands that certain features may need to be activated and/or purchased from the web hosting service in order for the web site to function properly. 247 Media Houz will work with the Client to ensure the correct hosting features are installed on the hosting server. If needed, 247 Media Houz can also provide a list of web host providers who support the technology required for the Client’s website.

5.Website Maintenance.

The Client understands that once the website is completed and installed to the Clients web space of choose. The 247 Media Houz will provide an account manager who will assist the Client in maintaining the site. The Client is responsible for the cost of the account manager. The Account manager provided by 247 Media Houz will make changes to the site per the Clients request which will be billed to the client.

6.Assignment of Project.

247 Media Houz reserves the right to assign subcontractors to this project to insure the right fit for the job as well as on‐time completion.

7. Legal.

247 Media Houz does not warrant that the functions contained in the website will be uninterrupted or error‐free. In no event will 247 Media Houz be liable to the Client or any third party for any damages, including any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages arising out of the operation of or inability to operate these web pages or website. If any provision of this agreement shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

8. Copyrights and Trademarks.

The Client represents to 247 Media Houz and unconditionally guarantees that any elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork furnished to 247 Media Houz for inclusion in web pages are owned by the Client, or that the Client has permission from the rightful owner to use each of these elements, and will hold harmless, protect, and defend 247 Media Houz and its subcontractors from any claim or suit arising from the use of such elements furnished by the Client.

9.Copyright to Webpages.

247 Media Houz through an agreement has been provided the use of a 3rd party website template. The template may be used by 247 Media Houz to build a website for the Client. These templates are owned by the 3rd party provider and the Client agrees they may not copy the website content and design and offer them for redistribution or resale without the 247 Media Houz authorization. Upon final payment of this contract, the Client is assigned rights to use as a website the design, graphics, and text contained in the finished assembled website. Rights to photos, graphics, source code, source files, and computer programs are specifically not transferred to the Client, and remain the property of their respective owners. 247 Media Houz and its subcontractors retain the right to display graphics and other Web design elements as examples of their work in their respective portfolios.

10.Website Pricing & Additional Services and Fees.

247 Media Houz pricing, services and fees are as follows.
Website pricing
• Temporary and secured web space will be provided on www.247mediahouz.com where the Client can follow the progress of the work during the development phase.
Additional Services and Fees
• Logo Design
Minimum of R500 per design. 247 Media Houz will provide Client with source file used in the creation of the logo along with three additional jpeg versions of the file. (Colour, grayscale, black and white).
• Professional Content Writing
R450 locator fee. 247 Media Houz will help you locate and hire a professional content writer for your website. Client is responsible for paying the writer directly for services. .
• Other services and fees
The Client and 247 Media Houz may agree to provide additional services in relation to the website. The cost for the additional services will be agreed upon in advance between the Client and 247 Media Houz Design.

11. Estimated Costs.

Fees to 247 Media Houz are due and payable on the following schedule:
• 50% of the estimated cost upon signing of this Agreement
• Remaining balance due once website is completed with the content provided from the Client.
Total Estimated Cost {100% of Total Estimated Cost} (non‐refundable) Less 50% .Deposit due at signing {50% of Total Estimated Cost} Estimated Balance Due at Completion {50% of Total Estimated Cost}

13.Initial Payment, Final Payment and Cancellation.

The Estimate Cost of this agreement is {amount}. This agreement begins with an initial non‐refundable deposit payment of {50% of Total Amount}. At the completion of the site 247 Media Houz will provide the Client with a final billing of the actual cost for the site. Payment must be received in full before the web site is published to the Client’s web space. If the Client halts work and applies for cancellation via email within 30 days of the Effective Date to 247 Media Houz at sales@247mediahouz.com The Client will be provided with a final billing within 10 days of the cancellation. Any work completed up to the cancellation date will be billed to the Client. The Client is responsible to pay for any work completed which is not covered by the initial deposit.

14. Completion Date.

247 Media Houz and the Client must work together to complete the website in a timely manner. We agree to work expeditiously to complete the website no later than {date of Completion} The undersigned agrees to the terms of this agreement on behalf of his or her organization or business.
On behalf of the Client (authorized signature):
{Client (authorized signature)}

Download a copy of Our Website Designing Agreement

NB: If a deposit is made without signing this agreement the client understands that the terms and conditions of this agreement applies.
247 Media Houz reserves the right to amend this agreement